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French Assurtech’s verticals and subject areas
offer a full range of opportunities to develop and test your solutions.


Although FAMR (Fire, Accident and Miscellaneous Risks) broadly falls within the scope of insurtech along with "new insurance standards" in the digital world, we have identified six priority areas for action:

  • Automotive and Mobility
  • Dwellings and Property Management
  • Health and Elderly Care
  • Silver Economy
  • Cyber Risk
  • Knowledge Management

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Subject areas

For the first accelerator initiative, French Assurtech wishes to focus on four main subjects:


Improved traceability and process integrity (data collection, transaction, KYC, and the like).

New topics or services to renew/diversify ability to build confidence, either in their processes or with their customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Prevent new hacking risks.

Combat money laundering and fraud.

Chatbot assistance, automatic language processing, machine learning, document assistance.

Big data

Develop prevention-oriented solutions and services.

Devise behavioural predictivity solutions in the fields of remote assistance, remote monitoring and telemedicine.

Customer relationship

Simplify insurance relationships and claims management.

Improve the customer path.

Increase interaction with customers.

Conversational agents, chatbots.

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