The program

9 months of individual and group support
from Startup Palace and Niort Tech.

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French Assurtech takes a pragmatic approach in order to address startup acceleration from every angle and to activate or improve a company’s growth drivers:

  • Business Model
  • Customer segmentation
  • Financial management
  • Business
  • Product Development

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Operating method

After setting your strategic direction with Startup Palace at the start of the program, the accelerator is divided into three main activities:

Hard Coaching:

A 20-minute weekly one-to-one in-person or remote meeting with a Startup Palace advisor.

  • Set goals for the week ahead and review the extent to which the previous week’s goals were attained.
  • Measure the startup’s weekly growth.
  • Identify any obstacles.


Individual and group workshops to explore in detail every aspect of startup development.

  • Program adapted to the needs of startups.
  • Workshops led by experts in each subject area.
  • Transfer of theoretical knowledge and methodologies.
  • Immediate implementation of knowledge acquired.


One-hour discussion at the end of each Sprint to take stock of the situation and gain a broader perspective before starting the next phase.

  • Examine the progress made on projects.
  • Identify new opportunities.
  • Benefit from joint feedback from Startup Palace and Niort Tech members.

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